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Saturday, February 13, 2010

WTF Obama

Well I guess that will be where we will all end up.

I've been trying to get beyond posts that are simply repetitious or a variation on WTF Obama? Or WTF democrats in general? Alternative titles: Obama Corrupt or Incompetent or both Incompetent and Corrupt?

How Obama and the democrats have acted since the election has simply amazed me. Of course, Obama started from before the election with his vote for renewing the Patriot Act and pushing TARP, with no controls over the banksters. The we're doomed cries from Bush and Berneckie, but we will fight any new controls over our excesses, kind of rang hollow and still does. I did actually withdrew and argued with some of his people who tried to get me out there working. I did end up working for him simply because of two words: Sarah Palin.

Obama has been incredibly lucky in his opponents. Anybody remember who ran against him for Senator? Clinton was a little more of a challenge, but let's face it when you have your major campaign advisor thinking that the democratic primaries distribute delegates the same way the Electoral College does, you ain't got the brightest bulbs in the world running your campaign.

Then you finish up with the republican following the most incompetent (and one of the most dis-liked) presidents in history. And he runs by doubling down on the failed policies of his predecessor, and Obama still wins by single digits.

I've read that in order to have a victory like Cannae, it is not only necessary to have a Hannibal on the winning side, it is also necessary to have a Terentious Verro on the other side. Of course this election was no Cannae, it was a narrow win. There were a lot of explanations (I suspect racism had something to do with it, but that isn't the only explanation, I watched the campaign).

From the beginning Obama has shown that he is more than willing to use the language of progressives/liberals, but then he will not follow through. I thought originally that it was an inability to confront people, but now I think that he is simply a liar. And not a very good one at that. He does have an inability to confront people who are powerful conservatives, but not liberals, certainly.

What I have a problem understanding is I thought that politicans liked to win elections, but apparently not. Of course, Obama still seems to be popular, much like Clinton, on the other hand that didn't seem to help the other democrats. It won't this time either.

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