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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Post

I'd been thinking of writing another post about a writer, but this caught my attention. If 80% of self identified democrats think that Obama is doing a good job, then I now understand why we have such bad politicians. Particularly alleged liberal/progressive politicians.

UPDATE: Then of course there is this. The concept of liberal congress members giving large amounts of money to Blue Dogs, when real progressives are running against them is disgusting. They even have money raising events for them for god sakes. I could see if they didn't help outsiders who were trying to take incumbents' seats, but going out of their way to help the very people who are against everything they supposedly stand for, boggles the imagination. And not in the good sense.

I have been wondering for some time how we got here and how we get out and I really do not think that at this point any of the national progressive organizations are capable of doing much if anything.

NARAL has a believing Catholic as it's president. How is that possible? A woman who thinks that abortion is a sin is the head of the largest pro-choice organization in this country. And let us not forget that they (the national) backed Lieberman who is not really pro-choice against Lamont who was definitely pro-choice. Their goal is apparently to keep abortion safe and legal for wealthy women.

Now it appears as though HRC has to be prodded to take a position on DADT. How sad.

The unions keep their criticism of the guy muted because, why? They think that they will get good people on the NLRB? It seems that Obama is more than willing to trade those people away to whom? His bankster friends, I suspect. So the unions hold their collective breaths, well whats left of them at any rate. Hoping against hope that they will get card check through the congress along with a couple of pro-labor people on the NLRB. How's that working out for them after a year?

Unemployment at 10% at least, foreclosures proceed at a record pace with no bankruptcy protection for the home "owners," lots of money for the banksters and kind words from our president for the massive bonuses. And 80% of democrats are happy with his performance. I had always thought that advertising was more or less wasted money, but I'm beginning to think that perhaps I was wrong.

Obama puts the hammer down early in his presidency and ensures that the money dries up to the liberals groups who oppose his corporatist buddies and conservative democrats. And 80% of democrats think he is doing a good job.

I have never felt quite so hopeless. Of course that may just be the fact that I am coming down with a sinus infection, so I am a bit loopie, but I think that when I get better Obama will still be the incompetent (or incompetent and corrupt) butt head I think he is right now.