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Monday, June 1, 2009

Terrorist Assassination

You know that what happened to Dr. Tiller was the logical conclusion of the right wing hate rhetoric concerning abortions. If this guy murdered thousands then it really is OK to assassinate him, isn't it?

It seems to me that the left and women's right groups need to take this kind of thing into account. We do not need to just take the high road, we need to arm, quite frankly. Does that sound unreasonable? Really, all law comes from the end of a gun as our friend the Chairman said (that is not justice, but law). I think that we really do need to be prepared to shoot back.

A further thought, they (the right wing hate/anti-abortion groups) to a group cry great crocodile tears and whine about how just terrible this killing is, but do you think that their hate filled rhetoric will change one iota? I would strongly advise not holding your breath.
Also, if you do not think that there is a pretty direct link between the rhetoric and the assassination, you are a sad and pathetic excuse for a thinking object.

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