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Saturday, June 27, 2009

American Justice

So Madoff is to be sentenced soon and the government is asking for 150 years while the defense is asking for only 12. For a 71 year old I don't think that there is much different.

What interested me the most is that wifey had $80 million taken leaving her only $2.5 million. Poor baby.

It is beginning to look like Madoff succeed in keeping the family out of prison and with enough wealth to live well for the rest of their lives.

Now here is a family that I would think would merit prolonged detention. Certainly, they have caused a great deal of harm to our country. There appears to be no way that they can be tried and found guilty. Therefore, given Obama's position on prolonged detention, these should be the first people held (I'm talking the wife and kids at least). Surly, these people who in all probability did more harm to this country in general than any terrorist we now have in custody deserve prolonged detention, if anybody does. I mean lets face it if they could get back in the financial area couldn't they do that much harm again? Therefore..................

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