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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fucked Again

Health Insurance is to be required, like automobile insurance? Apparently with a subsidy for "poor people" who can't afford it otherwise. Whatever that means. Actually, what it really means is that the subsidy will really be for the insurance companies.

What it means also, is that the working poor will and those in the lower middle class will be required to forgo something else and will still get some sort of bare minimum coverage. People who have what is considered, in our very own third world insurance county of Ohio, good coverage have to fight with their company to get their medical procedures covered will still have to fight. They will be offered policies that provide bare minimum coverage. In the meantime the companies will make out like bandits. A license to steal to coin a phrase.

This is of course being proposed by those who have the best insurance coverage in America, without having to pay for it. And being opposed by those in essentially the same position.
Our rulers know best

now don't you worry your pretty little head about it.


Sara E Anderson said...

If healthy people didn't have to buy health insurance, they wouldn't (and they often don't). It would only be the sick, expensive people who bought coverage. So the very high costs get "spread around" among the people who have them anyway. What's the point?

lawguy said...

I don't quite buy what I see as your point. People buy house insurance before their house catches fire. My sister in law make a very good living selling all sorts of insurance. My Dad sold insurance (including health insurance) and also made a good living at it.

When I quit working at legal aid, my wife (du jour) and I continued to pay for insurance even though we were both healthy and relatively young. Even under COBRA the price kept going up and up. Once we were off it sky rocketed.

I've always carried auto insurance, before it was required.

I think the obscene profits and the buracracy will simply be continued and institutionalized under mandatory plans forcing people who have little to spend it now on insurance, so the big boys get richer.