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Banned In China

Thursday, June 4, 2009


My god, I did not even realize that this was happening yesterday. I saw nothing, nor did I get any email warnings.

So now they knock the guy out before they give him a lethal injection. I've always wondered why we don't just give they guy an over dose of heroin, it seems to work well on junkies. Or the stuff given, by vets, to animals, except a larger dose? If that is, if we have decided that we do not want the condemned to suffer, and we seem to have. Why all the studies by so called medical people to find the proper amounts to be injected.

Hell I could go out and for $100.00 get all the necessary fixings, although the condemned would probably flop around quite a bit, but he wouldn't feel it. On the other hand it would probably be uncomfortable for the witnesses.

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