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Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Get Tired

And so it goes. Fuck those criminals, even if they may not be guilty. It is important to put people in prison to show the rest of the hoi poli that they ain't shit in the grand scheme of things.

I am at the point where I agree with Whiskey Fire. I am sick and tired of watching Obama sell us all down the river, and yes he did OK on Iran, but WTF, that isn't enough by a long shot. Krugman seems to have something of a handle on the general attitude of our rulers on the firing of Froomkin. They were and are wrong and they are not ever going to admit it. They also have the power to totally control most (if not all) of the institutions that run this country. So any mistakes (a weak word for what they've done up to this point) will not directly affect them, to the extent that they will be kicked out of power. That kind of mistake will have to be so gargantuan that the entire system of world governance would collapse, and short of the results of ignoring global warming, I don't see that happening. (OK, I do see it happening, because I think that we will continue to refuse to do anything serious about global warming, which is the same as ignoring it. So, we end up with results that will be worse than the fall of the Roman Empire, if that can be imagined. Think the end of the dinosaurs.)

I thought long ago that certain things were becoming so institutionalized (I was watching the drug treatment programs get a hold in the criminal justice system) that we would never be able to kick them out. I see this with the control by the neocons over our institutions now.

I wonder how Gore Vidal and Noam Chomsky manage to go on day after day intelligently criticising our system while being marginalized themselves?

Oh yeah, I suspect that the only reason Krugman hasn't been fired is that he is a Noble winner.

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