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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Welcome to my world

God two of the custody cases have blown up.

The first has occurred because my client has decided that the people we put the kids with are not able to care for them properly since her husband killed himself (probably by accident). The people are his relatives. It now turns out that the one guy hasn't worked in years and it is just a scam (according to my client) to get money. Of course, this wasn't mentioned in court or to me. So I've gotten like five calls this morning.

The gist is: "We've reported all the troubles to children's services, why won't they do anything?" The response is: "Welcome to my world."

The other case is out of town, but if possible even worse. The kid has serious psychological problems (including sexual issues) and is only about seven years old. The father has custody and won't cooperate with any counselor. Children's services won't take the kid. The mother can't take the kid cause her husband has abused the kid.

So essentially what we have here is full permanent employment for courts, state bureaucracies and attorneys.

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