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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Coming back from The Atlantic

I just drifted over the the Atlantic Monthly to read a Yglesias piece and stayed to read the comments.

Wow, the number of people who claim to be Clinton supporters who say they are now supporting McCain is quite weird given that McCain is the antithesis of Clinton. If they were ever really Clinton supporters to began with, of course.

It would, I think, be possible to convince oneself to vote for McCain because you think that Obama will do the same kind of job Carter did and ruin the Democratic party for another generation. McCain is then the lesser of two evils, because you expect that he will also screw things up and then Clinton.

But to try to argue that McCain now is your ideal, when it once was Clinton, that takes you into Bizaaro World. The arguments are all the same: Obama supporters use sexism and are really racists themselves. Obama stole the votes from Florida and Michigan. And finally, of course, Obama is unAmerican. Actually, they are all arguments that Obama didn't play fair in the primaries so now they are going to take their vote and go over to McCain. They tend to be a little light on the actual benefits of a McCain presidency.

They are just bitter. Their person was going to be the next president. Everybody knew it last year therefore she couldn't have lost fairly no matter what the facts are.

Inevitability is an ugly thing when it is crushed.

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