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Friday, June 6, 2008

Me and the black power people

Well, I've been reading about these allegations about Michelle Obama speaking against "whitey" (sorry no links, if you haven't read about it you simply haven't been alive for the last couple of days). You know there are a couple of thoughts here:

First, nobody who goes by the name of Michelle can possibly be any sort of a black power type.

Second, (and I want to be perfectly clear here this has nothing to do with [First]) my connection with the black power movement is deep and significant. That is true even though it is difficult to believe that there is anyone whiter then me in the universe. I mean lets face it, I sun burn under florescent lights.

Once (keep this to yourselves) I used a urinal right next to Jesse Jackson when he was running for president. I was at an NLG convention where he spoke and I really had to go, so as soon as he was finished speaking I ran into the restroom (Why do you think they call it that? Oh well a question for another day).

Who should come into the restroom immediately after me but Jessie Jackson. He was of course accompanied by two white guys and one black guy who had sun glasses on and ear phones in one ear (that is not one ear together, but one ear each). He came up to the urinal right next to me.

Yes I did look, but I was much younger then. At any rate I had to sign certain documents and I am not at liberty to divulge more.

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