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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Second Rate Benedict Arnolds

Within the last couple of weeks there have been several stories describing how strong and brave the Democratic leadership was last year. Those stories described the fight over Social Security. Nancy Poelsti and Steny Hoyer were right there in the fore front of those fighting to save Social Security. I thought those stories were unusual at this point. Now I know why they were out there.

Their purpose was to give the leadership cover when they caved on FISA and retroactive immunity to the telephone companies.

Given the firestorm that has exploded now that the rumors are out about the "compromise," apparently those "hero" stories didn't do what they were meant to do for our very own second rate Benedict Arnolds.

Them what pays the piper calls the tune I guess. Apparently just working and voting are no longer enough.

The interesting thing about this whole process is the way the leadership is trying to cover their collective asses: Work out a behind the scenes deal so that the leadership can vote the "right" way when the final bill comes up, but have the result fixed so that they appear to be on the losing side.

Interestingly enough this seems to be precisely what has managed to fool NARAL and HRC all along. You would think that people who make their living lobbying congress would understand what is happening ------- wouldn't you?

Hey why do you think that Obama and Clinton haven't spoken out about this? You don't suppose that they are in on it do you?

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