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Banned In China

Sunday, June 8, 2008


I've finally started to read Lapdogs by Eric Boehart. I've had it around for awhile. I was a gift and I have just not had the energy to pick it up because I thought that it would probably put me in a permanent pissed off state as long as it took to read it.

Well, at any rate I've finally started to read it and I'm only past the Introduction, but already I'm shocked and appalled. He points out the incredible willingness and ability of the far right to threaten and pull off boycotts if they don't like what a specific part of the MSM is reporting -- no matter how correct it is. Further, how this along with other things, tends to assist in forcing the MSM to report as the closet fascists want.

While reading that I all of a sudden thought about the recent Michelle Malkin threat to boycott Duncan Donuts over one of their shills wearing a black and white scarf (once again no link to her, cause I don't feel like it). The allegation being that it was a Palestinian scarf, even though the scarf was a paisley design, if one bothered to look closely obviously not Palestinian.

Did Malkin look stupid if one bothered to investigate. Sort of, but of course that wasn't the point. The point was to prove once again the kind of power these fascists have and how they can control what we are allowed to see, in even the least important part of our media, if they put their minds to it. In fact, it might even be better if what they were trying to do was stupid in a rational world. The point isn't the intelligence, the point is the raw power.

So by forcing Duncan Donuts to take off the offending ad, they simply showed anybody who might question it their real power. This is really good at a time with progressives (Obama/Clinton[?]) all over the news.

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