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Banned In China

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I haven't been writing a lot because it does seem so pointless. As a nation where we should right now have a new health care system in place with at a minimum a robust public option, or at least be in the middle of a vicious filibuster in the senate with the last right wing hold outs fighting to keep any change from occurring and becoming more marginalized by the day.

Day after day information comes out from the MSM that shows that we are indeed a third world nation as far as care is concerned, 45,000 die each year because of no insurance. Then a major democratic [?] senator either lies or is willfully ignorant concerning the amount of government regulation of health care in France, Germany, and Japan.

A while back I said that what was happening in Washington was like watching a slow motion train wreck. I take that back, it isn't that interesting. It is more like watching bread not rise.

In the mean time the guys (Obama and his Rasputin Rham continue on their merry way to destroying the democratic party. Do you think that they are both deep moles placed there by anarchists, or do they simply keep their heads in the sand ignoring the warning signs.

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