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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Good

I am sick and tired of hearing people who claim to be progressives saying that we have to end up with some health care bill even if there is no public option. The argument that: "The best is the enemy of good enough" is simply not applicable in this case. The assumption underling that argument is that there is a good enough option out there, for instance a public option, instead of the best say single payer, but Obama got rid of single payer before it could even rear it's head in committee. So all we are left with is good enough and that's going down the tubes.

Let's be very clear, what is proposed is a massive transfer of wealth from the average American to the insurance industry. To sweeten it a little they include a massive transfer of wealth from the average American, through the government to the insurance industry.

But look back, he took time off from his campaign to come back and vote for this kind of bill in the bail out, he pushed this kind of bill after he was elected and before he took office in bailouts for the bankers with no controls or oversights. Since he's been on the national stage he has been in favor of various massive transfers of wealth to the wealthiest from the middle classes (what's left of them) after another. And it continues.

Let me make one thing clear this criticism is a criticism from the left. The teabaggers and republicans in congress are beyond weird and they, if given the power, and I expect that they will get it sooner now rather than later will continue this kind of wealth transfer with a vengeance. This has been something that has been going on since Nixon at least, under both "parties." In reality there is really only one party in this country, it is a conservative party with a reactionary wing called republicans and a strongly conservative wing called democrats.

I always wondered why the rulers of Rome couldn't figure out that destroying their independent peasant class essentially destroyed Rome. OK, I still can't figure it out and I'm watching it happen right here before my eyes. The destruction of our middle class and farming class goes on apace and no one seems to want to stop it or can figure out how to stop it.

So I guess the answer to my earlier question really is: Cheap Nihilism.

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