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Monday, September 7, 2009

Accidental President?

I'd say Obama is as accidental a president as any VP who was promoted because the Prez died in office.

The deal being that McCain was a kind of sacrificial goat. He deserved the nomination, it was his turn finally and he was loved by the press and was after all a hero (although what getting shot down has to do with being a hero, I've never understood). The republicans were coming off four years of obvious complete incompetence. They were due for a major loss, almost no matter who got the democratic nomination. Then of course, McCain couldn't completely reject the guy who was president from 2001, since he'd supported him in almost everything he'd done. McCain then ran a campaign that was nearly perfect in its ineptitude. Palin was amazingly perfect in her incompetence.

Against all this Obama lost a not insignificant part of a massive lead in the run up to the actual election date. Because, I would argue he couldn't bring himself to fight. None the less we believed that he would do something to help us. (I admit it and I am ashamed.)

It looks like Obama is continuing the policies that he thought put him where he is. I would say what a loser, except I am afraid people might think that I was referring to Obama rather than the rest of us (excepting always of course the ones with the money).

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