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Monday, September 7, 2009

It's About Time

I read Tbogg all the time and I'd been wondering when he would get tired of Obama and the games he plays. Well it finally happened.

I would say this that what Obama has been doing is just what he wants to do. He is helping those he wants to help. I'm sure he is shocked and disappointed by the crazy attacks of the crazy right wingers, and just can't understand why we just can't all get along.

Watching this all happen from outside, I have to wonder how he could have thought that anything else would happen.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: How can Obama and the other democrats be so continuously naive (or is that just stupid)? I've always thought that the bottom line for politicians was the desire for power and to win elections, but it does not appear as though the dems feel that way. Rather it is as thought their bottom line is to beat up hippies and to get treats from the wealthy and powerful for themselves and their immediate families only.

It is strange that he can't see what is going to happen in 2010. Although, I now think that this guy has been blessed and the rest of us cursed by his opponents. Truly the gang[s] who couldn't shoot straight think about it. Clinton with her campaign leader who didn't how the delegates were chosen for the democratic convention. McCain with his pick of Palin who can't make up a simple answer to the question of what she reads.

Should have seen it for what it was with the really inept way the campaign was run.

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