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Banned In China

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More Colonial War Stuff

So it now appears as though Obama is simply planning on closing the prison in Cuba and shipping the prisoners off to other prisons outside the USofA, while continuing to kidnap and imprison individuals who will become the new prisoners whom someone, either our military, or various spy masters, or our clients, decides is or may in the future be a danger to us (or to our clients I would guess).

In the meantime we have doctors who work in that prison system who would make the doctors who worked in the German concentration camp system feel like they have finally been exonerated and have in fact found their true brothers under those clean white (or green) medical scrubs.

I know that politicians lie, but I really don't expect them to lie about everything. I wonder if the wonderful constitutional law scholar we now have as our president is much of a historian and remembers what happened to the democratic party after Wilson completely reversed himself in 1916? (Hint, the democrats did not regain control of much of anything until the depression of 1929 booted the republicans out of office. Then the democrats promised a lot and lived up to most of it.)

But hey, today we are all bi-partisan friends and the guy in the White House is setting up a situation that looks more like Wiemar Germany than America of the late 20s and we all know who followed Wiemar to power in Germany.

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