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Banned In China

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I am simply unable to comprehend the mental process of the democratic "leadership"[scare"][also there should be a ? both before and after leadership, but I digress].

Once again I am reminded of the Russian folktale about the old woman in the sleigh being chased by a pack of wolves. She throws one after another of her family members out hoping to slow the wolves. It doesn't work. The entire family is eaten and eventually the wolves catch the sleigh and eat the old woman. So the whole thing just doesn't work. Obama throws his pastor out, but we didn't learn from that; now he throws Van Jones out and the right is looking at more of his people. Do you think they'll go after the blue dogs? Do you think that he will stand up for anything except maybe his wealthy buddies?

On the other hand it seemed to work for Clinton. Just not the rest of us. Or do I repeat myself?

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