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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Game Day Talk

Been reading a lot about Obama's appointments and I've got to say I'm really not surprised. Disappointed yes, but not surprised. I allowed myself to pretend that he is really progressive for the last few days of the campaign, because I was so scared of the other two. But really, except for his opposition to the Iraq war he neither said or did anything that should have caused me to believe that he was progressive or anything other than a Clinton Centralist (which is only in the center in the U.S.; any place else he would be a conservative).

Then there is Senator Clinton for Secretary of State. Wow, why do you think he is offering this? More to the point why did she accept it? She is powerful and independent and important in the Senate right now. By accepting the SOS position she loses all that Independence and power. Also, she has yet to acknowledge that she was wrong about Iraq.

My original reason for supporting him was that I knew what Clinton was about and I didn't like her. I hoped that Obama would not be set in stone and be able to figure creative ways out of the various situations we've gotten ourselves into. I kind of feel like I might have voted for this generations version of Al Smith, a conservative Democrat completely out of his depth in the economic situation in which we now find ourselves.

Well so this is where this country has come. We have one conservative party with a completely incompetent totally insane wing (the Republicans) and the other wing nearly as conservative, but not totally incompetent and not completely insane. It's lucky that we have so much money so that we can paper over our screw ups and now that's almost gone. I could be one of the 2% who vote for a third or fourth party, but I'm not sure what that would do for me except make me feel more pure.

I guess he really believes in his positions. (To be honest, I kinda hope he doesn't.) I also guess that Clinton believed in his positions, because when the right came after him (Clinton) he didn't move to the left one iota to get support. I am just afraid that those positions (Obama's and Clinton's [both Clintons]) aren't going to get us anywhere but deeper into that hole we've been digging for the last several decades. I also see Obama being attacked as or even more viciously than Clinton was, we will see how that works for the right. If Obama isn't able to move beyond his current limitations we are all screwed. Fasten your seat belts its going to be a bumpy ride.
I really do think that historians in the future will look back and scratch their heads just as I am right now.

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