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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Can't Joke Any More

I was out doing GOTV stuff yesterday. White boy that I am they first put me in my car to drive out in the country and put stuff at peoples houses. I could not find a single place in an hour. This doesn't count the number of times I was nearly run down trying to drive slowly enough to read the damn numbers on the road.

So I went back to the campaign office and told them I couldn't do it unless I got someone to ride with me and I had no one at that late date. So they gave me some stuff in town. Much easier. A lot of walking up and down hills and in very Obama friendly neighborhoods of mostly a certain money class. I ended up having to quit at about 6:30 p.m. The city seems to feel that these neighborhoods really don't need the kind of lighting that upper middle class ones do.

The last time I was in those neighborhoods on foot was when I was trying to purchase a certain product (as they say in the paraphernalia store). On the other hand lots of friendly people.

I don't know how much good I did, but last time I manned phone banks for Kerry for several weeks and look how I screwed up that one.

It is getting so it is impossible to do satire any more. When some one seriously does this, where is the joke? I like to think that I am kind of funny, but damn ....... I mean come on it is would be a kind of mildly humorous comment on McCain supporters, that no one could possibly believe and then some more or less real person actually denies candy to kids whose parents are Obama people. Good grief.

I keep thinking: How could any country elect someone as stupid as Palin who would be just a heartbeat away from being president. Then I think of Bush. I total personal failure at every single thing he ever did. The only things he did that weren't failures were his college and military service and lets not forget that the only reason he didn't screw up those were daddy. After that daddy couldn't protect him. He was president twice. Palin more obviously bad at the get go, but still...............................

Keep your fingers crossed.

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