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Banned In China

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Damn I Hate It When I'm Right

So here comes the new boss same as the old boss. How is he gonna twist arms if he completely forgives the most obvious quisling of them all. Lyndon Johnson and FDR knew that there had to be both a carrot and a stick to get anything done of any importance.

Or does he want to be the black Clinton? That reaching out over the asile certainly worked well for Clinton. Look how much he accomplished. How much he helped the poor and middle class. (Yes I am being sarcastic.)

Of course, this is a guy that voted for FISA and the bail out bill. Given where we are historically -- which is swirrling around the top of the toilet ready to go down, I would hope for a more assertive politician. One who would push some seriously progressive programs.

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