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Monday, November 17, 2008

Democrats, what are they good for?

I am watching the dance around Lieberman and the automakers play out here. I suspect that Lieberman will keep his power and the automakers will go belly up. So apparently the Congress will pay no attention their their constituents when they oppose bailing out the banks. However, when they want to bail out companies (no matter how badly run) that actually build something and that employ hundreds of thousands of average lower middle class Americans --- hey that is going too far.

The Lieberman thing is just more of the same. You know I really wonder if this is how the Romans felt there at the end?

I think that it will be difficult to get enough to eat let alone feed the animals in a few months. I had thought that we would have some time to build a progressive party, but now I think that what happens will have to happen in the next few months and that is just not going to be.
I have a fear that we have elected a guy with the foresight and charisma of a Hoover. Unfortunately, he was running against a guy who had the foresight and charisma of a Coolidge.

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