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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I assumed that there would be some recovery today in the market, but it looks worse than yesterday.

I got a nice email from my congressman explaining that he had to vote for the bill because well all the smartest people told him he had to -- and just that bill, I'm sure. Fuck him. The smartest and best informed people have been telling us what to do for at least eight years and we seem to be digging ourselves deeper and deeper. Of course, perhaps that is what we want to do, dig ourselves deeper and deeper. If that is the case then we are doing a bang up job, and the congressman has my apologies.

Unfortunately, as I think I may have mentioned my office is on the ground floor, so that even if I were to leap I don't think that I'd hurt myself much.

Well, I guess I'll give my congressman a call and ask him if he's going to continue to listen to those very smart people.

You know the scariest thing about this whole episode is that I know nothing about economics and I knew these people were being dragged by the nose down another rabbit hole. And by the same people who put us there to begin with. Not of course, just this hole, but every other one we've been down in the last 8 years. There is a word for those kind of people: Democrats (ok just joking) stupid Democrats (two words really).

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