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Banned In China

Monday, October 6, 2008


Well, well, well. I think that I will wait until tomorrow to write to my senators and congressman and congratulate them on their insight in the way they handled the current (oh, I'm sorry, I should say the past) banking crisis. If they hadn't helped in passing the $700 billion bail out bill the stock market might be crashing. Those assholes should be jumping out the windows just like they did in 1929. Although, today they will probably just take a golden parachute and float down.

I set here in Little Burg Ohio and see the facts (as to be fair, do lots of other people in other little burgs), but the big money boys and the deep thinkers continue to fuck things up. They do not even fuck them up in original ways. Bush, or the bankers scream the sky is falling and you've got to do this. This involves massive amounts of money and more power given to the exec. Generally, although not always, it involves killing a great number of brown colored and red neck folk (sometimes, apparently, it only involves financially destroying a great number of brown colored and red neck folk).

Incidentally, those very serious middle of the road moderate folks were totally wrong again as they have been for at least the last eight years and probably have been since 1966.

Does the ride on this rolley coaster get steeper as we get toward the end? Well I"m out to buy some apples whole sale for resale on the street corner up from my office.

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