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Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Ship of State

The real question is just what it is that the congress thinks that it is saving and why do they think it. It is possible that they really think that by pouring billions into the pockets of the wealthiest and most incompetent they are some how saving the economy because the money will trickle down to the rest of us. That therefore, the money going into the pockets of the wealthy won't corrupt them, but the same money going directly into the pockets of the middle class and poor would corrupt them. Putting the money there will as the phrase says: "float all boats." Well all boats that aren't full of holes with no money to fix the holes.

The other possibility, is that congress really thinks that those are "our kind of people, and the real Americans." So when the wealthy get in trouble that is the real America getting in trouble. When the poor and middle class get in trouble that is really not the real America and not who have to be saved to protect this country. Throw in there a little: "It's too big to fail." And walla.

I suppose they might have decided that something had to be done and it was better to bail out the wealthy because there were fewer of them and there for giving them all that money will not sap the strength of the society as a whole.

What is difficult to completely understand is how they convince themselves to simply totally ignore their constituents. Emails and calls running 200 to 1 against and they still do not care. They care so little that they make no real effort to go out and explain to people why they are doing what they are doing.

Love them or hate them people elected to office used to care about their connection with the voters. That is they might be conservative, liberal, reactionary, or radical, but they all seemed to like campaigning and getting out meeting and interacting with their constituents. They seemed to like to be around and actually "represent" the people who lived in their districts. (Of course I understand that some elections were stolen, but not I think most).

So essentially what we have in congress are a group of people who are real elitists They think that the average person can't really handle being given a loan or hand out by the government, but the wealthy can. Or they are just scared shitless any time that Mr. 20% says boo. Or perhaps they think that they can just steal the next election and fuck you all very kindly thank you.

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