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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Well yesterday I got into an interesting talk with some staffer at my congressman's local office. Apparently the word of the day was bi-partisan. No matter what I said about the lies of the Reps or the incompetence of the Reps his response was that the bill is bi-partisan.
Train wrecks are so yesterday, don't you think?

Now I read that Obama is still pushing this bill hard. Every time I start to decide to vote and maybe do a little more than vote for him he manages to do something to convince me that he couldn't be much better than McCain. I realize in my heart of hearts that McCain and especially Palin are dangerous nuts and will push this country to a crypto fascist financially bankrupt state faster than any Demo. On the other hand I can see Obama with a kinder gentler slower kind of movement going right in the same direction.

In the end, I see us, the people being oh I don't know screwed.

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a democratic socialist (fayrene) said...

screwed as we always have been - isn't it the American way? I am soooooo tired of hearing about "America the Great Leader" who seems to do everything but take care of it's own.