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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We're Fucked

In Florida, I know I shouldn't enjoy the place so much, but I do. I don't do a lot except hang out, go to the beach, eat, and read.

Opened the paper today (that is something else I do, I read the local newspaper, in this case the Daytona Beach newspaper) to find that Helen Thomas said bad things about Israel and has to quit immediately. Ann Coulter still has a job, still after telling us that Jews had better become Xains or else you know.

So our foriegn policy is run by a brutally colonialist country that can do no wrong. Well OK, a different brutally colonialist country other than the USof A that can do no wrong.

Aw hell, I go on line and I read Krugman that we can expect a lost decade that is a recovery, except a recovery that really doesn't help most of us, then I read that our doctors have been experimenting on "detainees" to see how much we can torture them (oops I mean harshaly interrigate them).

Well I'm heading for the beach (the east coast, not the west coast where I would be able to watch the oil come ashore) so it will appear to be OK for awhile.


Cujo359 said...

I think the secret to a relaxing vacation this year will be to avoid reading newspapers, or any similar publication. I intend to try this. I figure whatever they screwed up while I was away will still be screwed up when I get back.

They don't seem to be able to fix anything.

lawguy said...

On the way back home, in a non smoking room that has clearly been smoked in. On the othr hand it is Virginia, so what do I expect.

You are probably right, my Mom reads the local paper every day, so it come with breakfast in the morning.

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