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Banned In China

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I've seen snippets of Kagan on teevee screens in the deli next door and on the web. Listened to Sessions pontificate and read a little about how "angry" republican senators are about "banning" military recruiters from Harvard campus(angry being in quotes 'cause you know it isn't real, just a game for the rubes)(banning being in quotes because you know: bullshit).

At any rate I just realized that I really don't give a shit about this nomination. If she is confirmed she will not be doing me any favors in the future. I'm sure she will vote with the administration (whoever that may be) in terms of "national security" (in quotes because --- oh hell you know), in favor of corporations whenever she possibly can and in general be just as well marvelous and liberal as Obama or Bush or Clinton.

So it really doesn't matter, except for the entertainment value, and perhaps the chance to watch the good ole boys of the GOP sashay around the issue of whether or not she's ever had a boy friend, or does she, you know like girls: Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

UPDATE: Apparently I was wrong they have decided to attack Justice Marshall (the black one). They do have several days to come out swinging (to coin a phrase) on the issue of lesbians on the Supreme Court, but apparently they want to start off by being unabashedly racist. As if Marshall would have countenanced what his one time law clerk has become. But in the end it is just more inside baseball, after all. Play to the cheap seats.

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