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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Isreal I Guess

Well I was getting ready to write about this vile article in the New York Times about how individuals are just sticking it to the banks by not paying their mortgages and are still living the good life, so they must be near do wells, or just like trailer trash only they have more money, don't ya see, but then

The Israeli Navy decided to teach some protesters a lesson so the IDF in defense killed about 10 and wounded many other protesters, while suffering minor casualties themselves. But according to most of the main stream and certainly the right wing and this winger on my facebook, the IDF was merely defending themselves after forcing their way onto a boat bringing humanitarian supplies. Now I read that this might not be in violation of the law of the sea or the law of war or the law of those who have the money and power make the laws. That is if the blockade is legal then if you say that you are going to violate it means that you can be boarded anywhere at all and maybe sunk. I guess that just shows Wilson and those idiots on the Lusitania. So I gues that Chaiarman Mao was right all law does come from the end of a gun.

Now apparently the only country where the IDF is getting nothing but complete support from all the powers that be is the good old U.S. Even the Israelis seem to be disgusted with the IDF for being such incompetent fools. But not the good old USofA here we cannot bring ourselves to criticize or oppose anything the government (which ever government it is, although the more conservative and more Arab hating the better) of Israel does.

One way I think one can feel kind of sorry for the Israelis is that they are forced to live in the 20th and 21st centuries. Hell, when we took over North American and the Spanish and Portages took over South America in the 16th, 17th 18th and 19th centuries we just killed all those who were in our way. Now instead of having two continents populated by the red man we've got two continents populated with the white man (with a sprinkle of reddish color thrown in). Australia was dealt with in the same general fashion, although there weren't as many to exterminate.

So pity poor Israel, unable to kill all the rag heads because of some sort of evolving (mostly) world wide morality. I suppose it is a drag for them. Particularly, since they try to hold themselves up as practicing the highest ideals of democracy and freedom (much like the USofA, back in the day). And they just can't get away with doing anything they want to, oh they can get away wit hit, but it does make them look bad. On the other hand there is the concept that God is on the side of the heavy battions. So they do have that going for them.

UPDATE: On the other hand here is a different point of view as to whether or not the action of Israel was within the law.