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Monday, June 21, 2010

More Thoughts on Skerry Republicans

In writing a couple of days ago about how certain liberals are beginning to raise the specter about how bad it will be if the republicans get in office (you know investigations, impeachments, etc.). I'd forgotten about how the republicans and Monica managed to save Social Security during the Clinton (or Obama I) administration. Remember?

It was this way, Clinton had decided that he was going to cut Social Security and had worked out a deal with the republicans to do just that with a kind of "bipartisan consensus." When the republicans got control of the congress and started investigating every thing Clinton did, including "Not having sex with that woman." Now there the republicans acted like scorpion in the frog and scorpion story. Instead of backing off and letting the deal go through to help the fat cats who were not stealing enough money fast enough, they couldn't help themselves and attacked Clinton in that interesting feeding frenzy that sharks (to skip to another metaphor) experience when they smell blood in the water.

At that point Clinton needed every vote he could get to keep from being impeached and to stay in office. So the deal on Social Security went out the window and we managed to keep it for another ten or so years until another democrat was elected president.

I don't think that we will be that lucky this time.

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