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Banned In China

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just You Know Whatever

Working this week a lot for a change. You know I really expected that there would be a lot more crime and drunkenness out there with the economy as bad as it is and I am really getting tired of the criminal element not keeping up their end of things. In particular I am looking for more stupid criminals to get arrested and soon, I can use the money.

All this week I've been busy in various courts. Yesterday we got started two and a half hours late because the sheriff didn't get the guy that was in jail here on time. I guess I can't complain. Today one of the other attorneys reported something her client said incorrectly (the frequency of visitations). My client, the wife chased her ex out into the parking lot and she was going to assault him, if I hadn't caught her and explained that it was the other attorney's fault for getting the information wrong. Some fun. Normally when clients fight, I move in the other direction, just my normal cowardice coming into play, I guess.

I see that Obama did something right (kind of) with McChrystal. Of course after the drama and play acting are all over we are still going to be fighting that war in the country that has been invaded again and again for centuries with no winner since Alexander, and no real end in sight for us, but hey it gives the news guys in DC something to talk about for a day or two so it is all good.