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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Where We Be At

So lets see:

1. We are still in Iraq with as large a force as we had when he was elected, but we are out of some of the major cities. (If I hear right we are still on to build the largest "embassy" ever in down town Baghdad.)

2. Obama has doubled down in Afghanistan.

3. Obama has poured our money into the top level of the banking industry without getting any control over how they do things. Without fixing the cause of the collapse. And essentially not fixing anything, but just throw money at them in the hopes that the people who screwed things up will fix things.

4. Obama has decided that the very worst of the civil liberties acts of the Bush administration need to be supported. He needs to cover up for torture, and to let those who ordered the torture off with a complete free pass.

5. Obama has apparently decided that he is not going to push for any sort of real health care, rather a bail out of the insurance industry, much like TARP.

6. Obama has decided that he won't do anything to help the people in the military who are gay and lesbian.

Did I forget anything?

Why do I feel much like Bogart:

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