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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Not Much, But Sunday

So my trials both went much more quickly than I expected and didn't happen.

My permanent custody case ended after the state presented its' case. My client, after hearing all the evidence concerning her child's mental disabilities ended up agreeing with the state that she could not care for him. I have never had that happen before.

The jury trial didn't happen because there was some guy in jail who wanted one. So my case gets knocked back to the end of August. That's what happens when you work in small towns, a lot.

The little one, the chow is not happy with the gentle leader. It was tried at the dog training session and she did a back flip when it was put on. Loki is doing great with the training, which is a good thing because he now stands at least 34 inches at the shoulder and maybe a little more he is over three feet tall at the top of his head.

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