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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fuck Them All

For god's sake. We luvs us some mushie middle of the liberal road shit. Fuck 'em all. I got mine seems to be what most of the people in Washington say, even those who are identified as liberal. Why is it that a guy who ran as being just a little liberal needs to be pushed to be even just a little liberal? No one ever sees the need to push him back from a radical leftist position to something more "centrist." He always starts from the right, ALWAYS!

When the public option is destroyed, he will not use that defeat to push a more progressive agenda, he will curl up with the right wingers of both parties and hug and kiss them and tell us all what a great deal we've gotten. Then he will throw more money at the banksters because that will again be necessary. And there will be more and more people who have no health insurance, or perhaps they will be required by law to buy it, and they will get the same kind of coverage that minimum auto insurance provides.

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