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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Health Insurance

So after years and years of being told by the powers that be that socialized medicine is not very good and is just well wrong, is it a surprise that most people say that they would keep their insurer rather than go with a public option? What is surprising is that a huge majority think that there should be a public option. Available, I guess, for the hoi poli, for those peasants who need it and not for us middle class who are well just doing so well in this society.

A guy I know, a couple of years ago got cancer and had to be off the job for several months. He works for a good employer, and had good insurance, but after some time the employer would not (or could not I never understood which) stopped covering him, in the middle of his illness. Because of the law he was allowed to purchase it himself. He was able to do that for several months and keep it. Then when he went back to work (his employer kept his job for him) his employer then picked up his insurance again.

He had good coverage by the standards existing the the United States, not by any other industrialized nation, however. Would he have been better off with socialized medicine? You betcha.

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