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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Health Care

Oh my god. Is this guy real? Why yes he is. He is paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to be stupid and lazy. Pravda on the Potomac cannot self destruct too soon for me. Leaving only reactionary pieces of shit in it's place. Good better the enemy we all know than one that pretends to be our friend when it suits them!

The second point, is that I am positive that it will be better not to pass a health care "reform" that doesn't have a very strong public run by and completely owned by the government insurance package.

Stopping real health care reform by the blue dogs and republicans will not be Obama's Waterloo (depending of course on how he handles it), but to move our historic metaphors back a dozen or so centuries a Pyrrhic victory for the right wing corportists.

It should be obvious that we can run against those ass holes, using the fact that they kept us from getting decent health care. That is I am positive a better outcome than to try to get some piece of shit through that really helps no one except the incredibly wealthy insurance company owners. Because we are really not going to be able to "build" on a piece of shit legislation.

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