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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Obama vs. FDR

So I've been thinking about Obama and wondering why he isn't more attuned to the needs of the poor and really middle class given his background and history.

Then I started to wonder just what is his back ground? Since, he graduated from high school, at least, he has always been on the fast track and in the, how does one say it, midst of the well off. One of the best undergraduate schools, one of the best law schools, one of the better law firms, some time off to help organize, but not too much.

Into politics and an unbroken string of successes there. So hey, buddy why can't you do the same thing, huh? I'm not saying he is as bad as a Goldberg or Bush, but he really doesn't know what the average person, or poor person faces. I suspect if he wasn't obviously partly African American, he would be another wealthy white person "born on third who thought he'd hit a triple."

So what was the difference with FDR, Truman, JFK and Johnson? Well FDR was born with that silver spoon, but he lost it all in one afternoon. He knew what loss was and he knew what it was to need help. Truman and Johnson were essentially saved by the New Deal. JFK, I do suspect that the PT Boat thing did something to him in terms of his ability to relate.

Or perhaps I'm just full of it and trying out to be a wealthy pundit?

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