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Saturday, April 2, 2011

OH Fuck Again

Trying to work and not as successful as I'd hoped. Well that is ok, it has to be done by 4:00 p.m. Monday, and since my secretary or administrative assistant is less than stellar it will be done sooner, but not much sooner.

Which gets me around to Greewald's piece today comparing Kevin Drum's touching trust of Obama with Britney Spears' touching trust of Bush the Stupid. Interestingly enough they are completely the same. "He is oh so wonderful and oh so right and I am just a little toad." I had quit reading Drum years ago when he decided that Iraq II was a good idea. I also haven't read Mother Jones for some time, not so much because of political reason, but just because I got bored with them (and because they hired Kevin Drum to write for them which to be fair to me did call their political acumen into question).

Greenwald still insists that his vote for Obama was reasonable even now given the alternative, I think. I think that is crap. My vote for Obama was wrong and I should have known it at the time. I think I did in my heart of hearts, but I was afraid. Now it is clear beyond belief that McCain might have been temporarily worse, but there would be the possibility of an end of that shit in sight and a possible end of the current hegemony of our corporate rulers simply because things would be so obviously bad, and a real alternative might be offered. But such was not to be.

I did go over and read the article by Drum where he explains that it would not be politically possible to intervene in the Ivory Coast or Nigeria, but doesn't bother to explain why. I did skim the first thirty or so comments and they were very depressing. They were either conservatives, so called liberals telling us that Obama really is one of us and he can only do so much, or just kind of sad.

Greenwald's position that he still thinks that he was right to vote to for Obama and the comments in Mother Jones make me think that perhaps I was right yesterday after all. Oh incidentally, Mother Jones has called and wants her name back.


Cujo359 said...

At this point, I'm certainly questioning whether voting for Obama was right or not. In retrospect, it might have helped if the Congress and the President had been politically opposed. Then again, if the Little Bush years were an example, it might have made no difference at all.

The trouble with these questions is that we're comparing what happened with what didn't happen. What happens in the first case is clear if you're willing to look, but the latter case isn't, except in rare cases.

lawguy said...

What happen has been a nearly unmitigated disaster, so I'll take whats behing door number 2 Alex.