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Friday, April 29, 2011


Blogger insists on putting at least 3 and perhaps 4 lines between paragraphs and no matter what I do to remove them those lines stay in place. Any body know what the deal is. I go to the html section and deliete the div stuff there, but there it is when it is published.

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Cujo359 said...

I think it depends on what template you're using. The one I use embeds a new line anywhere it sees a carriage return. I learned to make tables by first laying them out properly, one row per line at most, and then removing all those carriage returns when I got the table the way I wanted it. Only then would it appear underneath the last paragraph I wrote, rather than a page and a half further down the page.

Not making sense, I suppose, but that's my experience. YMMV. Without being able to embed all the things I'm talking about in this comment, it's tough to illustrate, and I can't embed them in Blogger's comment form.