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Friday, April 29, 2011

Pointless Blathering

Here I am reading how people are attacking Obama because of the "sins" of his father.  And pointing out that his father apparently fornicated with white wimmens.  AND WAS A DRUNK.  Pretty shocking and exciting.  Which of course helps prove that the attacks on Obama are all racially motivated.

I've been thinking about that and I have to come down on the side that some of  the attacks are racially motivated, some of the attacks simply use race as a vehicle to attack him for other issues, and some are combinations.   I really do not see these attacks as any worse than those on Clinton.  I really don't.  Now when one says that then one has to acknowledge that the attacks on Clinton were about as vile and full of lies as any could be.  Obama is accused of being a (kind of) foreigner, since no one can deny that his mother was a good white American girl and a communist anti-American.   While Clinton was accused of being a murderer, thief, drug runner, and communist anti-American.  Incidently, does anyone really believe that Michelle Obama has been treated worse than Hilary Clinton?

Why the right wing engages in these insane attacks on two presidents who were and are nice conservative republicans is beyond me.  It does remind one of the attacks the right waged on Roosevelt while he fought to save capitalism.  So while I can see a historical precedent, I still cannot for the life of me understand the minds behind it.  Unless these minds simply want to live in a world that has all the same rules that applied to the French aristocrates under Louis XIV.

A follow up thought is that at least Roosevelt was liberal or progressive, where as Clinton and Obama are simply corporate bag men, so it made even less sense in the 90s or now.

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