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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bits And Pieces

I'm sitting at home waiting for more "weather" to come in. Sun shine, blue sky's right at this point, but the weather man says that severe thunderstorms will come in later today. It caused me to think about my first St. We had her from 1962 or 3, until about 1974 or so. If truth be told she was really more my Mom's dog than any ones since she was home with her the entire time we had her.

At any rate Pammy (the dog, not my Mom) was absolutely terrified of thunderstorms. So terrified that we ended up getting her what I now think were Quaaludes from the vet to knock her out when a storm approached. She would try to crawl under anything she could find. No matter how low to the ground it was. Combine that with her constant panting and you can well understand how much we wanted to knock her out.

To get back to where I started, back then of course, there were no weather satellites, no 24 hour weather channel, no Internet to get news from and quite frankly the weather was not as reliable as it is now. So when people would visit and Pammy would start freaking out they would invariably ask us what was her problem. We would tell them there there was a serious storm coming in an they would just as invariably laugh and tell us we were crazy. She was never wrong though.

My second though is something I put up in the comments to the last post and it is this: Who could have thought that Richard Nixon's presidency would have been considered a golden age of presidential decency? The thought was brought on by Obama's telling us that Manning is guilty of breaking the law and then having his people explain that isn't really what this Constitutional Scholar really meant. Nixon when he said something similar about Manson at least had the decency to say that he had "miss-spoke," which at the time people derided as a kind of untruthful response. My goodness how we have declined. Of course until the worst president of modern times until the one who succeeded him, who would have thought that a happy admission of approving torture would be heartily approved by the general populous and all of our rulers?

Last night I went to the viewing for my friend. Once again I was shocked at how emotionally drained I was after the whole thing. Of course, I wasn't nearly as drained as his family I think. The funeral will be tomorrow because his youngest daughter's birthday is today. How sad.

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