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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More LIberal Whining

I kind of got side tracked by reading a Greenwald piece and the president's speech (where the president didn't say that he wanted to destroy Social Security and The Great Society, but did say that we gotta fight them deficits and by golly cut spending on what are miss named entitlements, and we gotta figure out how to do something about Social Security so go for it congress).

What I wanted to write about was the frog in the water thing and how right now republicans are fairing very poorly in the polls, mostly because they are seen as obvious assholes who clearly want to destroy the working class as opposed to democrats who are as far as I can figure out viewed as either incompetents or girly boys (or boyey girls) and while they don't really want to destroy the American middle class just can't help themselves.

Which brings me back to the point I have made before which is that perhaps I should change this over to a fiction blog, at least I wouldn't be raising the same points over and over, or perhaps I would. No wait that isn't the point, the point (which isn't original with me) is that there is no real point in voting for either of the political parties at this time. (Was George Wallace merely a head of his time?) (Dimes worth of difference anyone?)

So I figure that given what the republicans are doing and how they are pissing people off the democrats will be back in, in 2012, whooeeee. If I may, the frog after getting a sneaking feeling that something was going on leaped from that slowly warming pot into the boiling one, now he wants out and the only place he can think of going is that simmering pot, which will feel mighty cool, for awhile.

Unfortunately I do believe that eventually in a democracy (or republic for that matter) we do get the government we deserve.


Cujo359 said...

Somehow, I don't feel like I'm getting the government I deserve, but on a more generalized level I agree.

lawguy said...

I also don't think I'm getting the government I deserve, but I did vote for Bill Clinton and for Obama so perhaps I am after all.