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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Isn't the Hole Deep Enough Yet?

Was over at Balloon-Juice earlier to read a post and some comments on the post about, well the post was "we" (we being liberals, I guess) shouldn't worry as much as we are because really the democrats are quite possibly not going to lose as badly as is now thought in the up coming elections (this linked to another post, but anyone who is interested can go over and follow it there).

My very first thought, which I kept for a nano second, was whew, thank god maybe the democrats will keep control. But that thought was followed almost immediately by "Who cares?" I am somewhat embarrassed by the first thought, no matter how short it was, but I am proud that I almost immediately rejected that and moved on to the who cares.

I have no doubt that control by republicans and tea baggers will make things worse and perhaps worse than I can imagine right now. But, I also have no doubt that the people who are in control now will make things worse and I do think worse than I can imagine, although probably not quite as quickly as the republicans, but who knows.

My position is still that things will have to get worse (I used to think just some worse, but now I think a lot worse) before they will get better. And no matter who wins the next election things are going to get worse given the candidates out there. Of course, it is not at all assured that things will get better after they get worse. But that's all we've got.

UPDATE: So after I write this I go over to Greenwald for an all in one place explanation of why it doesn't matter, at least not in the sense of choosing between living in a plutocracy or kleptocracy, which seems to be the only choice we are being given anymore.


Cujo359 said...

And no matter who wins the next election things are going to get worse given the candidates out there.

And, I'd add given the current economic situation. The problem is, and has been, lack of consumer demand, both in the U.S. and elsewhere. None of the countries that can increase demand are making much of an attempt to do so. It used to be that American leadership could overcome such issues, but we aren't as powerful as we used to be, and we lack leadership.

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