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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

All's Well That Ends Well

I've been wandering around reading stuff about the up coming elections (no really it is going to happen) and the kind of school teacher like chastising of the liberal base by the Obama people.

I've come across a couple of points from different blogs. One on Crooks and Liars points out that most if not all of the liberals are not going to be going around telling people not to vote. What is going to happen is that people are not going to work for these candidates nor give them money. And in my case probably not vote at all.

Another other point made by a commentator on another site (I wish I'd marked it and I didn't) who pointed out that the democrats could accomplish nearly nothing that they wanted with super majorities, so how will the republicans with smaller majorities, probably in only one chamber and no control of the White House accomplish anything? Or perhaps I missed the sarcasm.

I know I know. Republicans can do every thing while democrats can do nothing, unless the republicans let them. Still it is an interesting point.

But do remember: First, and most important is the naming of a scape goat who is not the president; Second, and almost as important is to make people think that Obama is not a minion of our very own plutocracy but is prevented by ...............someone or something he has no control over. (Cough bullshit cough).


Cujo359 said...

That the Obama Administration is trying to escape blame for its actions seems so obvious to me at this point that it's hardly worth mentioning. Yet, all I have to do is read comments sections at some of the bigger blogs to realize that there are lots of people who still don't get this, nor that Obama has had lots of freedom of action that he hasn't taken on many issues.

Reading blog comments can be thoroughly depressing. I should probably stop doing it. ;-)

lawguy said...

Although it can be entertaining.

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