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Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's Not the End, It's Not the Beginning of the End, But It Might Be the End of the Beginning

So after the ticket for the Stop Sign (it is probably better not to run a stop sign if there is a cop sitting watching the intersection) and having CSB taking the four hour old kid we finally got a break.

Children Services pushed, I think, a little too far. We had an emergency hearing and a neighbor came to court and was pretty impressive. CSB was to go to her house and check it for safety issues to determine if they were able to care for the baby, with the understanding that the Mother would be there to assist, under supervision, to care for the kid. The house was safe as CSB admitted in their subsequent filing, but they had several other (new) reasons to deny these people temporary custody and delay so that they could put the kid where they wanted to. I got the GAL and the father's attorney to file, with me, objections to this determination by CSB. Further stuff was filed this morning by CSB and I suspect that is where they went too far. Essentially, they basically said fuck you judge we are going to do what we want.

Guess what? The judge said: Oh yeah, I'm the judge you do what I tell you not the other way around. We left the court room on Tuesday with everybody understanding that this kid would go to these people if they could show that their place was fit and they would protect him if necessary from the mother. They are fit and they will protect him.

UPDATE, FRIDAY: Well it couldn't last. Last night the neighbor went to get the kid and CSB lied to her telling her that the mother couldn't be around the child at all and that the father (of whom there were never any allegation concerning his mental health) could only be around the kid for brief periods with intense supervison. I had given my cell number to the parents and apparently the mother had written it down and then refused to give it to anyone. So I didn't find out about it today and it is now too late to correct it. The neighbors are now unsure of whom to believe. They heard the mother screaming in the back ground and are unsure if she might be violent.

So the end result is the kid goes where CSB wanted in the first place.


Cujo359 said...

I think Presidents Bush and Obama have shown us the way - in the end, it's really not how the courts rule that matter. It's who has the power to do something.

On a separate note, either something has changed recently to make your page much harder to read, or I need a better monitor. Black on dark red isn't a good combination. I have to select the text just to read it.

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