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Monday, August 9, 2010

How I Spent My Summer

Well OK, not the entire summer, just the last two weeks, which should be culminating in a Jury Trial this week, unless they come up with a much better offer.

One thing most people don't understand is that almost no cases go to trial any more, certainly almost none go to jury trial. Too expensive and they take up too much time. On the other hand the Judge is pretty excited since they have just opened the new municipal court building with the new trial areas so it should be interesting for all of us.

In the mean time I'm still slogging away on the various custody cases from hell and last weekend I was working as a co-chair at an Arts Festival here in Y-Bridge City. Well, really the whole thing ended in working for the entire time the festival was open, but to be honest the work before the festival was almost entirely my co-chair, otherwise known as my suffering better half.

In the mean time I'm looking at the disaster that is the ongoing economy and the liberal/progressives (should there be " " around that?) willingness to continue to back the slime ball in the White House and congress. I shall return later. I think maybe.


Cujo359 said...

You've probably done all the prep already, right? Seems less likely they'll make a good offer, unless there's an opportunity for someone to talks some sense into somebody. Anyway, good luck.

Meanwhile, I don't think anything much has changed on the political front. Conservatives are mostly being assholes, and progressives are mostly waiting for Obama to finish his eleventy-dimensional chess game and start bringin' the change.

lawguy said...

Ooopsie. They've found a video which was in the son's case so I hadn't seen it, going down to see what it shows now.

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