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Friday, August 13, 2010

The Mask Slips (Some More)

Gibbs. Went over and read some stuff on Pandagon where most of the commentators are angry, but will still vote. The difference is I won't vote.

Gibbs won't walk back what he said and clearly if it mattered to his boss, he would be fired or apologizing left and right. Democrats are in a position they do not find particularly comfortable. The people at Pandagon seem to think that if they simply reason with the prez. and his people and the elected democrats they will eventually listen, or that for some reason they want to listen. I see it all the time when commentators complain that the democrats or Obama have caved on some issue. That point of view implies that the politician[s] in question had some sort of desire, no matter how small, to do something different than they ended up doing. One sees it in the discussion of HCR, the stimulus, and now Financial Reform among other things.

For whatever reason the people who are elected democrats do not want to do democratic things, or at least things that were considered to be democratic by the likes of FDR, Truman, JFK, and LBJ (with the exception of colonial and neo-colonial wars or opportunity). But the people who (still) vote democratic expect them to do democratic things. So they have to say that they will do these democratic things to get elected. To get people to vote for them.

Once in power they feel free to simply ignore us. When we irritate them a little too much they get pissy, they simply consider themselves the rulers of this country, in much the same way Louie XIV was (one can hope it is more like Louie XVI, but don't bet on it). Why when they believe these things they run as democrats instead of republicans is something I'm not sure I completely understand. But there you have it.

The other part of this strange situation are the people who think of themselves a liberal who will continue to vote for them and support them even after getting screwed over again and again. Because the other guy would be worse, maybe sooner rather than later, is all I can figure. I guess at my age I should be hoping to see someone not quite as crazy as say Palin as prez. so that we can drag out the final death throws of this empire until I have naturally shuffled off this mortal coil. But I really would like to see this mess blow up in my contemporaries faces, unfortunately at the best in that situation, I would be collateral damage.
UPDATE: Well this is even more interesting now isn't it, more bullshit to confuse the easily bamboozled.