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Thursday, August 12, 2010

All Dressed Up And No Place To Go

So the trial didn't happen today. All dressed up and no where to go as the judge told the jury. The prosecution made an offer to my guy he couldn't refuse. They offered him two weekends instead of fifteen days straight.

I thought that we might win this case and I told the guy that, what he heard, of course was the "might." All judges charge rent on the court room and I would expect that if we lost then my guy would have gone for thirty to forty-five days at least. I understand his thinking. I could see myself sitting next to him and saying: "Well, I really did think we'd win, sorry about that." I suspect that he could too.

The case was an OVI (that's DUI in the other 49 states) along with several different charges of driving under suspension. This was my guys first in six years and he blew the "super level" above .17. On the other hand they did not catch him driving.

He was at home and had had about ten beers between noon and 8:00 p.m. and then he ate. At about midnight one son called from where ever and was clearly wasted. The family told him not to drive home and then they called back and realized he was on the way. After a wait, and long after the son should have been home client and other son drove off to look for him. The son driving. A small town they knew which way he was going. They drove by a wreck and recognized it as the first son. The son who was driving was so freaked that he became really unable to drive and they stopped and client took the wheel. They drove back and dropped the second son off at the wreck and client went on home.

At home client says that he grabbed a whiskey bottle and took a serious swig, then he took a mixed drink his wife said was her's and had at least a couple of shots in it and chugged it. Then daughter him back to the wreck and the cops recognized him as the guy who had driven by about 10 minutes before and arrested him. I think that everyone agreed that he had the defense of necessity for his driving, which does let him out of the driving under suspension charges, but who would believe that he would have downed 3 or 4 shots in ten minutes? On the other hand I have done just that.

At any rate it was his call.

Early on in the video the cop was having a very hard time pulling the guy up on his computer. He kept putting in the guy's social security number and nothing would come up. Finally, my guy said: "I've never had this much trouble getting arrested before." Well maybe you had to be there.