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Friday, April 30, 2010

We're Fucked

So, in every day and every way I see things getting worse and worse.

First, I read this that those of us who are bleeding heart liberals will have to consider having Social Security and Medicare cut in order to balance the budget. No mention of limiting the costs of our various wars and to be honest very little discussion of limiting our gifts to the banks.

Then we see that the democrats have decided to move a little closer to [insert you favorite dystopian work here] by requiring all workers to have a computer card which will I am sure not have a GPS signal, nor will you be required to carry it at all times. Now in all probability that won't happen right now, because the republicans will go bat shit crazy, but they will merely delay it, just like the liberals delayed the destruction of Social Security until a democrat got into the White House. Now.

These pieces of information are coming along so fast and furious that it is difficult to keep up with them. Where I am is that the guy we elected (and I've got to say that I am really sorry I voted for him since I can even say I told you so now) has decided to govern from the right and to enact most of the programs the last administration couldn't get in. And no I do not agree that HCR was much of a liberal win, when all we do is pour money into the hands of certain corporations involved in the health field. Now (see above) we appear to be prepared to screw the old and sick because we can.

The really interesting thing is how so many of the so called progressive blogs are simply going along or saying little or nothing even if they are not supporting the president's agenda.

There is essentially no strong movement from the left to push back against the crazy right wingers and certainly not to push back against whatever it is Obama is -- corporatist, oligarch who runs a plutocracy.

I often wonder how it is possible that these people cannot see the end result of what they are doing, it doesn't require a lot to do a little reading of history and to see where this stuff got the governments before us.


Cujo359 said...

The ironic thing is, I was thinking of voting third party again, but didn't because the idea of John McCain being President seemed like such a horror. Now, I really wonder what the difference would have been.

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