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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oh Hell More Of The Same

Stumbling into a post several weeks after doing the last real post. I really consider this a political blog, so writing about my personal feelings and thoughts are something I do not usually do, except as they are evidenced by my political views.

Well I guess that this is kind of a political point of view. I am kind of in the same place that the guy from Slobber and Spittle (a great blog even if he doesn't actually own a St. Bernard) is.

The Hope and Change that came down the pike in '08 is neither Hope nor Change, nor for that matter hope or change. It is more of the same with the patina of complete sentences and a false front of progressivism, or perhaps a false front of populism (not necessarily the same thing), but at any rate it is definitely neither.

I had tried to write something about Obama's political sense as opposed to his positions on the issues, but either I can't do it or one cannot really separate those things.

We are now seeing a president who was elected as a change from the past simply clothing the policies of the past in some shiny new clothes (with a disturbing number of supposedly liberals buying his lies). Drill off shore, another battle in Afghanistan, this is it, no really this is it, why are you laughing, this is really it. Money to the insurance industries with no controls (sorry that is old news), money to the bankers (no real controls) a couple of bucks to the the rest of us, hope you don't lose your house, but really nothing we can do about it. We will, however, make sure that wealthy women can keep getting abortions, the rest of you eh.........

This week it is banking regulations with the hype (not hope) that the biggest banks will be broken up (not gonna happen).

On top of that we have the democrats being surprised that republicans will not support a deomocrat bill on climate change. Not really much of a bill, but there you are they are not much of a political party.

One thing I can't understand about the democrats is that why do they keep letting this happen. I mean if this is where they may want to end up that is one thing, but in ending up he again and again being humiliated by the republicans, that is something else. One thing people want in their rulers is the appearance, at least, of being in charge and competent. Each time the republicans will find something that they will insist is an insult of the worst kind or is simply some sort of a deal breaker and therefore they will not (now) support it (this time -- no really it is different this time, this isn't like the perpetual anger machine last time, this is real and things would have been different if John Kerry hadn't farted at lunch, this time). Or something.

The democrats will look confused and the main stream media will explain that the republicans really had a good reason to be assholes this time, and something really good would have happened if the democrats hadn't fucked up, this time, even though the deal they broke would have screwed most of us, but really it is different this time. We get paid a lot of money to tell you this you have to believe it.


Now to get back to my original point, and I do have an original point, I am just tired of commenting and writing letters to my senator and congressman and telling them they have to stand up. It turns out that I no longer believe that they really do want to stand up for anything at all that helps the majority of people in this country. If they would just act this way or say that thing. Hell, it really is Clinton redux.

Or perhaps Blazing Saddles, I mean they do have to watch out and keep their phony baloney jobs after all.